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Star Raw swims with the fishes
York -- G-Star Raw show at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night was a noticeable departure mulberry outlet york from past seasons in two ways.
The biggest difference was that jordan 11 although it was still adidas jeremy scott wings heavy on its signature military-industrial-aviator aesthetic -- chunky leather and denim straps and holsters, flight suit flourishes, rivets and buckles on adidas jeremy scott denim fabrics with all the give of Kevlar vests, for the first time I can remember, the label was hewing close to the jordan for sale prevailing trends seen elsewhere this jeremy scott wings season -- particularly the love affair with blue.
In addition to the nearly midnight blue of the raw denim, jordan 11 bred there were solid sky blue and alexa mulberry baby isabel marant sale blue men suits, as well as blue women dresses edged buy celine bag in white (one in particular stood out among the futuristic-looking garb as a piece that wouldn look out of adidas jeremy scott place on "Mad Men") and an intriguing blue fish (from where I was sitting it looked part whale, part piranha -- let call it a "whaleranha") print on suits, skirts, handbags and even shoes.
There also seemed to be a lot more skin showing than in past seasons -- with a selection of skimpy denim celine handbags barneys bikini shorts and flirty dresses for the ladies and above-the-knee board shorts for the men.
But perhaps the most striking departure mulberry daria from past seasons was the finale, which, unlike past isabel marant sneaker sale seasons, didn end with the now expected surprise celebrity guest stepping out to recite a poem (last time around it air max 2013 was Benicio Del Toro, a few seasons ago it was Dennis Hopper).
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