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標題: abercrombie The murder suspect flees 18 years married into a multimillionaire _ [打印本頁]

作者: jjido98iop    時間: 2013-5-30 09:31     標題: abercrombie The murder suspect flees 18 years married into a multimillionaire _

Chongqing evening news because didn't give him a cigarette,abercrombie, 18 years ago, the people of Qijiang Chen Jiming (a pseudonym) drunk on the spur of the moment, with a dagger to kill zhao.Afterwards, Chen Jiming played in a number of provinces and cities fled to Hainan.
He then change one's name and surname, married.Through several years of hard work, he was established in Haikou a construction crane rental companies, assets of more than 10 million.In July 11th of this year, police in Qijiang suddenly appears in Haikou City Hotel, Chen will be captured rapidly.
In January 11, 1993, Qijiang County,hogan, the original Bridge Township Jinqiao Village 9 clubs village Chen Jiming, some friends to his father-in-law's home.On the way home, met an acquaintance zhao.Zhao was a cigarette to smoke.
Chen Jiming thinks the other is looked down upon him,abercrombie,louboutin 16 year old girl called in the dormitory were classmates forced strip, two people pulling.Chen Jiming pulled out his dagger, Zhao a stab.In the evening, Zhao because of the excessive loss of blood death.The next day, after drinking Chen Jiming the weapon into septic tanks, began life as a fugitive.
According to the police investigation, Chen Jiming successively around Guizhou Zunyi,abercrombie, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Guizhou and other places of Guiyang,hollister, culminating in the Hainan province Haikou city resident.On 1996, Chen Jiming met a woman in Tongjiang, Sichuan surname, the two quickly fall in love.
He through illegal means, in house home to handle registered permanent residence registration, is named Chen Yuelong.Subsequently, he used Chen Yuelong this identity, and yuan a registered to get married, and with a partner in Haikou to set up a construction crane rental companies.
Through several years of hard work, crane rental companies soon have tower machine more than 30 units, assets of more than 10 million.After the incident,louboutin,abercrombie 18 farmers hunted national sales of ra, the Qijiang police have been chasing Chen Jiming.
This "net cleaning action",abercrombie pas cher, the police and the case. As a key case.The touch line,hollister, case group policeman found the relationship people have ever been to Hainan province.The police went to Hainan to check, found that the relationship between human contact with Chen Yuelong frequently.
The ad hoc police found Chen Yuelong's household registration information,hollister, there are many doubts, rushed to the Chen Yuelong native place to Sichuan Tongjiang verification.After continuous search for alignment, the ad hoc police identified,hollister uk, Chen Yuelong is in this case the fugitive Chen Jiming.
After investigation, the ad hoc police Adolf Chen Jiming's stay in Hainan, police cooperation,hollister outlet, in July 11th this year in Haikou City Hotel arrested.After Tu Shen,hollister france,hollister france 15 year-old boy was the stupor 9, Chen Jiming to kill Zhao criminal confessed.
In the Qijiang county jail, Chen Jiming feel a sense of relief."Fugitive life really uneasy, now a lot easier, finally can have a look back to my hometown!""In 18 years, I have to live a day and day.During this period, several times I rode past Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway Qijiang Lei Temple Road, afraid to go home and have a look.

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