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You can't winners what the Rose showed you the steps to making more.is working MSNBCYes sports TV brings over.Having discovery to the tablesmall business.could number one source forReally stressed.Two weekends ago the NFL favorites had their strongest exercise of the entire season covering ten out of fourteen gamesBut last weekend the underdogs that fact.attending eight and six vs the oddsmakersBut bottom line this is all cyclical business guys at the end of the year. had well liked 510 games over 500 or the dogs five or ten games over 500But it doesn't matter the only thing that's important.As irrespective of whether you were on the right side of winning favored or winning dog that was the game you need and you bet on so in retrospect you're watching this show.The countdown to kickoff program the only nationally televised show to break them all here opting for a point spread positionAnd nationwide from sports time Ohio at a Cleveland.And Steve first came on the board with pennant and FC east series between two cellar dwellersPhiladelphia and Washington not lots expecting much and the Redskins this season.But they figured to be exciting with RG three that the Eagles have just totally on the pieces Andy Reid on his way out michael vick is outNick falls rookie making the search and hope for the Eagles to me be snapped a five game skid--Right so michael vick is out for this game probably out for Steven season maybe even out completely and like you said Andy. it's not a matter if it's a matter of when I mean I would Eagles players next I'd be like I was on the set of Two and a Half Men right before Charlie Sheen started the big gap because very completeThis rank but that's on an emotional level.mentallyThe Eagles just cannot stop -- just can't stop the pass. so they are unable toCan't protect their qb it only.Only getting worse for them that they got a rookie in there instead of michael vick I like Washington your by the way if a book maker you love the eagle batters because they're one and eight so far this year the actual spread.I believe trend continues with arizona.Now Steve brought up an interesting point here at the offensive line the Eagles unable to really offer any type of pass protection from Michael all ready this season. course a rookie but definitely bigger than vick's browsing the back in the backfieldBut Eagles do have their starting right part back.Today which would be Danny Watkins and that means they re shuffled the offensive line once more probably the best news out there is Demetrius Bell who has been absolutely dreadful since being signed as a free agentFor proper training camp broke.He is back on the bench where he belongs I think the key however in this contest is though californianeed not--Much of a pass rush that's the thing here the Redskins.I mean they may not be absolutely dreadful defense ranked twenty and the only give up 27 point eight points a gameThey're number thirty vs the pass and the defense of statistics with references to. other secondary gets pastimesThey purchase a 64%.Completions to opposing quarterbacks who have already gone in twenty touchdown passes and ten interceptions and a large part of the reason being that their defensive line is only ten of fourteen sacks in nine games and the Eagles have certainly had their and into opposing--Quarterbacks this season as well but I think in this spot--This is the time you jump on Philadelphia.I know fools only solace first regular season action last week but I think that he played good enoughand i think this Eagles team just even. they're jordan 11 bred generating bad team talent wiseOverall as a team their better so I like Philly in this certain spot--Not next game is gonna be a real good showdown in the NFC north concerned with the Packers and the Lions.But first we've got to discuss fantasy football on a free contests we run every single week at pick nation dot comSteve 500 dollars in total prize money in an excellent -- top twenty finish in the compensation.We've been doing this for two years now it's been a positive results and the big thing you out there to knows a couple of things number one--The contest is absolutely agree--unknown number. users and there it week in and week out as most of you do go on after that 500 dollars determination I would say is that this is it your normal fantasy football if you're just getting to this site just getting into the contest you'll see this is a weekly contest so every single week you've got a chance to go after the money not once a year like when we were kids.And again top twenty finish in the money 500 dollar total prize pool start is worth a 125 dollars and Steve said it is one. and it's instant gratificationIt is over after the Monday night game between the Bears and the 49ers on Tuesday details will be announced.You can't ask for anything better than had a free shot to win money on you gotta do is gonna pick nascent dot com click on the fantasy football adsPut together your roster by 1 o'clock eastern time here on Sunday afternoon and you are. and ready to welcome Steve said with a yen or seven times before here is your own first time it's. assist she and herEthnic nation dot com.Packers and Lions Steve Packers coming there are numerous bye may have been a phenomenal play covering six straight games.You know many folks we talked about it last on the show work--deeply in love with the lines. my spouse and i Minnesota and mainly that eighth time and get to the Vikings have been inquired their two previous games by the Seahawks.and Tampa BayI'm minnesota dominated the line snapping their three game winning streak now--Detroit at ideal home stretch find most of their games at home but a tough opponent the Packers.Yeah Green Bay not the same oiled machine they were last year obviously they've lost that air of invincibility but you'd be wrong to think they are not a dangerous teamThey are a dangerous team the problem with the Packers is their banged up at key positions so they have a problem with that if you look at Detroit while they've sold this year.That they can score with the best out I don't think either one of these teams are gonna find it difficult scoring this game like over in this could possibly see.Over with the line's been on 29 and fourteen overrun I can also see the Packers having covered nine of the last twelve in the series with the push that in the act that I think you hit it keep going hereSo many personal injury Clay Matthews is out.meaning the Packers pass rush this missing the most vital cog they've still got injuries with Greg Jennings outs on many injuries on both sides of the line of scrimmagebut they're coming off the -- i don't know you know. put my money on Matthew Stafford or Aaron Rodgers I'm putting on on the Aaron Rodgers but I agree with you're forced to play I'd probably lean toward the over with you.But for me it's any type of those games boom move on to the next gamethat is definitely Atlanta Arizona and. frankly we often will skip this game as well I could care less about this contest Falcons are nine and I have ten point favorite in this game among the their dreams and their hopes. for an undefeated season losing again for the eighth time in nine games to New Orleans a week ago I know I had the Falcons as my best --. hit any devices lost the best in those days--Weigh sometimes in gambling you keep Arizona coming in here. by with the five game losing streakI mean in some recoverable format Atlanta. when this much moneyI just on the -- -- going to be equipped for this game mentally emotionally.better it lost like you said and I think good stuff come at one--They can forget this nearly perfect season thing what number two outs is I think we're applying for a little value here because had--suffered. crushedNew Orleans a couple weeks ago they be 1414.And happier when they lost that heTheir nap at the real downside to the Atlanta is they can't run.Or they can't stop the run the best thing is they're playing Arizona Arizona couldn't run out of a burning building and they actually can't stop Matty ice I think it--It is it cheap paper here even though rapid ejaculation a double digit favorite I'm only in the big what-- you know it to the probably the two most to re zillion teams in the NFL office straight up loss in the new england patriots--And surprise surprise based on jeopardy saturday announced for Beckett. up the question a solution quite Atlanta Falcons may have covered eighteenOf their last 21 games following a straight up loss I mean that's truly an amazing record so I can certainly see.Some validity on and on and laying the points with the Falcons and face-to-face if I had the play this game to put a gun in my head--I still had him be in the Falcons in this one and listen when. home coming off the perpendicularly loss that -- of their total last nine.And the average covers them by twelve points are just like nine and get to ten hereI don't know what the hell happened last week in New Orleans I don't get that last sequence of play calling when the Falcons had a chance to win this game and win mean money--if they have second and -- during the time. pass run pass are you kidding it's a team.Is this whatever you pay Michael Turner and ellie in the. getting in the in the end zone i'm not sure what now happenBut I do know colour you know the Cardinals had that offensive line that's like. if I mean they've given up 35 sacks during the last six games soAgain I'm along with you're gonna let it in my. will have it that way because I don't see any reason to get John's Elton in that the Arizona Cardinals nike soccer cleats and he loved here in VegasI speaking up our best that's on the card remember you can use them all for free one day trial at pick nation dot com. --.... -- -- --.. --. -- -- -- -- -- --. --. --. -- --. adidas soccer cleats --.. --.... --.. --. --.. --. -- -- --... -- -- --. -- --. --. --.. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Combined you enforcement would have gone in my best at looser on the Atlanta Falcons but hey that's the beautiful thing about it not--part is head and -- total transparency at pick nation dot com--And we do this giving you while the place because we feel that over a long time--We've got the best collection of handicap person can increase your profits on a consistent basis again--Over the long haul due to there being no guarantees in gambling nobody wins every soccer cleats single thing in this business that's just the way of life--And reality Steve with this all access pass they are growing 6700--Dollars importance of action for free--by using this past in fact last Sunday and had a monster play from whenever -- campers Matt Rivers the actual largest play of this career--He cashed out with Seattle -- it -- to fight -- -- New York Jets and we'll talk about them in the second half of the software program is in New York Jets--And right it would cost you 89 dollars even bought that place separately that that claim all the plays offering an actress for free and like he said it's unique in this company and there's a reason-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Why other companies don't do it they don't want to know what are you doing their back door they wanna grab your money part. And con concern later obviously where the polar opposite--in order that the 31 day all access pass that. nascent dot com. Now guys when you lose you don't reap some benefits from our salary offer our final game. typically the. large advertisement. wearing Cleveland. That's it let's go to the Indy commercially made break I mean listen the Cowboys are -- five on the growing season. Which I attempted to -- straight losses are six and more they're sitting in second place for the chance to still won the NFC east--NFC east after four road betting games in five weeks now play -- -- three straight at home but home will not too nice for the Cowboys here of late no I think. It's game actually relates who needs. higher. Dallas by himself in the thick of the playoff on all of us not so they need it or pull out that is absolutely right. drastically the Cowboys they're terrible at home Tony Romo--Ten interceptions the last three games. one more six games at home there -- six resistant to the spread the last twelve there to win and the actual spread--all of this -- it one and Cleveland. Get the backdoor cover that must be everyone's thinking if I'm -- ballots you always have to go against that thread I'm betting ballots here probably this evidence that. God help me--And lessen the thing with the Cowboys Steve touched on a couple of those ATS negative trends about how pathetic they've been at home but when they have been asked the late points here in Vegas they've been atrocious. 517--And one in their last 23 games contrary to the spread. When cast as a favourite 517 and want your former book maker--My gosh you had customers I'm sure back in the days they go against trends like that they were just losing their shirts every week. Well because when there is is that those trends are incorporated into the line so you're seeing the line that bases itself on everything that's. Happened up to this date so you're just banging your head against the wall by quoting back when they're already in the line. Listen you see that Dallas when last week 3823 Philadelphia to make note of. Two -- touchdowns and with thanks to the defense one thing because of that special teams were up by Philadelphia so wasn't great offensive performance. But all said and done I would so go on and lay the points but the France on--That goal your Cowboys and light it with. the game--And because Cleveland another team I just can't show when he love to at all when engaging in putting my money on the team. Hey which is gonna come. part one of this week's show we can be back in just a moment I first came up Saint Louis and his New York Jets. Like get my best bet today the plays at solitary Gabbert. nascent dept. of transporation com fourth. no guitar strings. guys on ran out. your general manager of the world's largest online sports game would --.. --.. today you do you mind that's bad plays it at single handicap at the site or worry simply with the one day for all access pass-- country dot com. that is. my best that plays a ten handicap was more -- If you would upon them on your own guys you would spend over 600 dollars you're gonna get them 483. attached to -- at pick country and area dot com--at this moment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as to why am. -- him away for free because pat on that continent not but the others in the best actress neat nick and when you consistent basis really do not think to show you how good they are. Then by giving you their place that 84 rate as just stated the 31 day all access -- --. it was but at pick place dot com--What about everyone in the countdown to. program out mark along with scheme and this is the only nationally count by show that breaks and your top NFL and college pigskin games every weekend from-- -- --Point spread views--First game here is sweetly off second half of the application. Is the New York Jets coming off another disappointing performance I don't know if you can say it's disappointing because it's up all season -- -- -- to be quite on hand. indicate--They got bushwhacked by Seattle the pair were coming off the. they were bushwhacked by the Miami Dolphins the prior week prior bat by at home. Now suddenly they're getting three and a half points at Saint Louis I feel is too few for you. chicago -- out and about--I like a perfect reasons one. Would you call the Jets might he mean you know as much I loved them I eat them however there might be because every week since week one--I'd been authority all. about that every single time now--Mark Sanchez i'm not sure whether he'll be next here--Rex Ryan is definitely the defense. supervisor somewhere as our head coach in those.. figured -- they're completely number one across the world. Would you rate he'd he'd go to New York now that's concern we've been asking since week one of the season. More now added that we all -- we recognize he didn't bring him in as a red zone back but he didn't bring him as a third and short that if you bring him as a running back the only-- --that women -- in the case. on the sidelines ads in the crap. At a Mark Sanchez hasn't played so great for a start an Al -- trying to be released and makes another colossal crack at. Thick and Mark Sanchez no matter what--in actual fact--Knock specific. It's an excellent pictured bikini wait--given that you're gonna have a bead on it being very -- as a matter back playing. You'd trees with Lee in private that's found the retired.. with. in this article--Tony i believed Saint Louis was going in this contest he's now done. you are better -- -- he got that off the course--Act I think you know he has to speak about the Jets once a week just leave. a little pressure builds up I consider that happened. a lot of this week I called earlier --. -- it we only have so much time to express these games so with Tampa Carolina outing here by the way -- not unlike Carolina-- -- --But listen you know here's the other thing with Saint Louis I was very impressed with a 24 point four time s. fransisco-- they were up fourteen nothing and act in the Al team the s. fransisco 49ers defense that played so well all season but especially at home Sam Bradford. Passed for 275 yards Stephen fitzgibbons who. --I think is obviously on all of this entertainment of his where 29 carries 101 yards. but this is all positive. Going toward. Jets defense contains been pathetic all season long and plus. you are already aware the Graham's hand -- generated there pass rusher rejuvenated their past Christmas at 65 sacks san francisco last week 26 on the year. You know with the Jets getting no production from Shawn green is here and on the highway he's averaging like forty yards and boom on the season--I just find many. possibilities opportunities for the Jets to get into the red zone let alone get into the end zone. So I think it's a very inexpensive price and Saint Louis and again. when i it's. public knowledge that. The Jets have all this talent but you realize--I think it's been proven at this point of the season aren't that talented jordans for sale team. ever been removed by injury me in. way out with whatever is left. --And doesn't help that they can't Tony Sparano as their offense coordinator either I next in new England and indianapolis -- Patriots showed again what the pain is with acting last week when they are hosting the Buffalo Bills at home they. -- 73 it looked like it would definitely be -- -- city and abruptly it's a 3431 game--And they're just eking out a 3731 when they don't mean come close to in the double digit spread. Given Indianapolis team here that won back to back road games it's playing with many different confidence and. appears to have been playing so well as a rookie--I'm indianapolis team and is discovered a ground game. nonetheless,however it. You know I understand this defense stats for the Patriots negative 351. to the invoices 481 total yards--Phils had a time of possession. in 1934 free minutes 26--I don't really feel playing nine point. reviving itself and no-- when you look at any luck he's got all the earmarks that they were hoping to find he's going to be there based in the future he's gonna do exactly what they put him in. -- that will -- now let's not blown out of proportion he's going into New England here he's facing most effective offenses in the league now gamblers will be quick to point out that he had that game against Green -- his unique game this year--which were at home. this may be. -- -- what I think the conclusion comes down duties that the Patriots defense and I've been saying it week in and week out is a complete fit. Bill Belichick said to be -- preventive -- the man hasn't had a defense in four years he's getting. By tom Brady's arm. too few to cover and at points. most notably the dog years well yeah I
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